How We Work

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Step 1. Contact

Starting a project with Algenta is a simple process. The first step is to contact us! A team from Algenta will quickly contact you to learn as much as possible about your project and needs.

Outline Requirements

Step 2. Define the Project

Many times a client may not know the technical project requirements up front. Often a customer says "X is very time consuming, how can I speed this up?" or "I wish there was an easier way to do Y." We will ask some questions, analyze your information, brainstorm ideas with you, and outline a project plan to accomplish your business needs.

Construct your project

Step 3. Begin Development

When a project plan is complete we will begin work. Algenta Technologies provides software development services spanning the full software lifecycle. Our process consists of requirements documentation, functional specification, architectural design, implementation, testing, and user documentation. After the initial project requirements and functional specification, we practice these stages iteratively. This allows us to show our clients the exact state of development as it progresses, and allows us to adapt quickly to any feedback from our clients.

Client Collaboration

Step 4. Collaborate

Working with Algenta is always collaborative effort. This is your project, and we keep you up to date during each stage of development. This allows you to easily study and evaluate how the work is progressing and allows us to get feedback from you. This feedback is important because we want your project to be done perfectly. Using your input we can make sure that happens.

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